David Grant - Evernote Certified Consultant

Evernote My Way

This was originally posted on biggreenapp.com and has been migrated here

I’ll share how I see Evernote fitting in my day-to-day activities.

This isn’t another productivity site. Okay, maybe it is a productivity site, but my hope is to present things in a different way to communicate a unique approach to managing your day. That’s what this site is about. Got me again. It’s also about Evernote. That’s the “big green app.” I know. That was hard to piece together. 

Why you should keep reading 

I guess it depends. Do you want to learn to remember everything that comes your way, but more than that, manage all the incoming demands on your time in a successful way rather than just a mounting list of unread emails or undone todos? If so, you’ve got problems. Seriously. You need this site. Even if this isn’t the way for you, you might find helpful ideas to get you closer to your way. 

That’s what you need 

I’m going to share my way because it works for me. You need to find what works for you. Maybe what you really need is the permission to say “no.” Maybe you just need to think differently about email? I hope to talk about much more than Evernote, and much more than taking notes. I really do want to talk about managing life. 

Where does Evernote come in? 

Evernote is the tool I use at the center of my time-management strategies. You’ll see how, through integrations and strategies, Evernote enhances your data as the central data source. I live in Evernote. It’s critical to my daily success. I’m a big fan, and that’s why I’ve become an Evernote Certified Consultant (ECC). 

What if you want help to take your next steps? 

Well, being an ECC is more than a fancy certificate. I’m here to help. I’d love to help you take control of your personal life, or move your entire team to a centrally managed, Evernote-based solution for collaboration, management, and communication. Just go here for your next steps. 

Along the way 

Please provide feedback. I’ll talk about where I am right now, but I know we’ll learn and grow together. Let’s make the learning reciprocal.